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coming back to you

Rebecca Kline is amazing. The end. Point blank. End of story.

Just when you think the girl has reached her full potential, she manages to pull something else out of her uber-talented, secret bag of tricks. I collected quite a few vintage dresses this summer, and I was itching to do one last photoshoot with Rebecca. It took us a while to figure out the right location, trying to find the perfect place for each dress. A wonderful friend of ours told us about Hunting Island, located in Beaufort, South Carolina. After looking at some pictures of the beautiful beaches covered in driftwood, we couldn’t help but feel that it put our little Tybee Island to shame.

Our morning started at 4:00 a.m. (lots of Adele and Beyonce tunes happening). After finding the perfect beach, it took no time at all for us to gain instant inspiration. I was so amazed by this beach hidden behind palm trees and scattered with beautiful branches & roots. As always, we got a million crazy looks from people, and a park ranger even stole one of my dresses (I know, horrible right? It only cost me $10 though…so I was able to move on). Needless to say, it was one of those moments when I was just in awe of this world. It is so beautiful and lovely, and sometimes we just need to stop and look around. The photographs that Rebecca took of me will be ones that I cherish forever. Through each of our shoots, we hope to convey feminine enchantment and fuel an inspiration that makes every girl feel beautiful.

don’t lead me on

Yes, this is me. At the innocent age of six-years-old, I clearly had a deep love for tigers and the ability to turn my extra-sweet face into something to be feared. I actually can remember this very day. I remember that dress (my grandma made it for me) and I remember feeling like everything I wanted in life was mine (I know this for a fact, because that day I won a total of 5 cakes at a cake walk- my favorite event at my uncle’s annual West Virginia Pig Roast). ¬†Looking at this picture now, I am trying to discover that little extra¬†ingredient¬†that this girl had, ¬†that I don’t have anymore. No, I am not saying I need to go paint my face like a tiger to feel empowered again. There is something more there, a fierce determination in her eyes, to not let the big, scary world take her down.

Basically, I feel like my life is on a countdown at the moment, which is a totally horrible way to view my days as a 21-year-old. But it is only because I am at the awkward start of a new chapter. The part when the title hasn’t even been written down, the pages are all blank, and you only have vacant page numbers to haunt you with their future stories (and failures). So I have decided that I want to simply live in each moment like it is a dream I am about to wake up from. This means lots of smiling, looking at the best in others, biking with no where to go, and the¬†unsolicited¬†ability to just live a life that I am proud of. Here are some of my goals this quarter.

-Be shamelessly creative and don’t let people make me change my mind about that.

-Fight the urge to take naps, but read, write, and take walks.

-Don’t be afraid to fall in love (with everything).

-Continue to rid negativity in my life with kindness (it always works).

-Work hard, but don’t forget about people around me (people=1st).

-Pursue opportunities. The end.

-Learn that if people want to be part of your life, they will be part of your life (shocking, I know).

-Only wear things that make me exceptionally happy (yes, this means being overdressed).

-Trust those you love, listen to them, forget the rest.

-Create something I am proud of.

-Don’t create outrageous, false expectations about life.

-Do work at coffee shops.

-Sew something.

-Fill myself up, so I can fill others up.


Starting now…here are some of my most recent, indulging images:

notebook dreams

Snatched up this pink lace number when I was at the Hip Zipper in Nashville. It took a little TLC (hemming and sleeve adjustment), but now it is one of my favorite dresses. I love how dreamy it is and how it reminds me of something from The Notebook¬†costume room. Now what girl doesn’t want to wear a lace dress and be won over by Ryan Gosling?

dear karla,



After discovering Karla’s blog, Karla’s Closet, I have found myself visiting it everyday. She is a styling¬†genius, and her contagious love for vintage makes me automatically love her. Not to mention, she is absolutely beau-ti-ful (if you couldn’t already tell). Here are some my favorite looks that she wears with ease and grace. I love and admire how each one incorporates something old and new.

She is even starting her own super cool jewelry line.

I love the simplicity of the gold triangles with the python.

Check out more of her looks at Karla’s Closet.


a pretty face can’t lie

I don’t think much needs to be said about these photographs, for the undeniable fact that they truly speak for themselves. My dear friend Jeff sent me Justin Chung’s website (a New York photographer), and I instantly fell in love with his beautifully still photographs that are focused, perfectly calm, and balanced with the natural flaws of mankind (yes, that lengthy description is exactly what they are). Most of all, they speak one universal truth: women are exquisite creatures. That’s right. So, to each of you girls out there, embrace the natural, quiet beauty of your stare, because as you can see, it sure makes for a stunning photograph.

check out more of his work here.