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don’t lead me on

Yes, this is me. At the innocent age of six-years-old, I clearly had a deep love for tigers and the ability to turn my extra-sweet face into something to be feared. I actually can remember this very day. I remember that dress (my grandma made it for me) and I remember feeling like everything I wanted in life was mine (I know this for a fact, because that day I won a total of 5 cakes at a cake walk- my favorite event at my uncle’s annual West Virginia Pig Roast).  Looking at this picture now, I am trying to discover that little extra ingredient that this girl had,  that I don’t have anymore. No, I am not saying I need to go paint my face like a tiger to feel empowered again. There is something more there, a fierce determination in her eyes, to not let the big, scary world take her down.

Basically, I feel like my life is on a countdown at the moment, which is a totally horrible way to view my days as a 21-year-old. But it is only because I am at the awkward start of a new chapter. The part when the title hasn’t even been written down, the pages are all blank, and you only have vacant page numbers to haunt you with their future stories (and failures). So I have decided that I want to simply live in each moment like it is a dream I am about to wake up from. This means lots of smiling, looking at the best in others, biking with no where to go, and the unsolicited ability to just live a life that I am proud of. Here are some of my goals this quarter.

-Be shamelessly creative and don’t let people make me change my mind about that.

-Fight the urge to take naps, but read, write, and take walks.

-Don’t be afraid to fall in love (with everything).

-Continue to rid negativity in my life with kindness (it always works).

-Work hard, but don’t forget about people around me (people=1st).

-Pursue opportunities. The end.

-Learn that if people want to be part of your life, they will be part of your life (shocking, I know).

-Only wear things that make me exceptionally happy (yes, this means being overdressed).

-Trust those you love, listen to them, forget the rest.

-Create something I am proud of.

-Don’t create outrageous, false expectations about life.

-Do work at coffee shops.

-Sew something.

-Fill myself up, so I can fill others up.


Starting now…here are some of my most recent, indulging images:

the vintage summer of growing pains

This has by far been one of the most interesting summers of my short 21-year-old life. It beats out the summer when I worked at a tex mex restaurant everyday, and I dare say that it even puts the days of nannying and mission trips to shame. I think that it has been such a weird summer, because it is the first time in my life that I have truly been at the core of loneliness. Let me follow this with an instant disclaimer: I have made several great friends here and honestly, I am rarely alone. So, when I say lonely, I mean the kind of loneliness where you feel like you lost yourself, and you can’t even begin to know where to look. I know that this sounds all deep, poetic, and vague, but what I am trying to say, is that this is the first time in my life where I have admitted to myself that I am indeed an artist. Yeah, I know I go to an art school and I take art classes, but I think there is a moment in everyone’s life when they finally realize what makes them tick. The thing that ignites a passion within them that causes them to not just be driven, but at times overly driven. Since I switched my major from fashion design, I think I decided that I wasn’t a creator anymore, placing me in the backseat of creative expression. But, as any artist will find, when you are removed from the freedom to create you find that you will yearn for it like never before. So cheers to my summer of discovery. And cheers to a summer of learning what I love and don’t love. As a young woman about to exit the security of the “college student” title in 4 months, I am preparing myself for anything. Because if there is one thing I am learning, it’s that life’s goals aren’t spelled the same for every person. So now is the time to take this moment of loneliness and instead of wallowing in the comfort self pity, I need to look towards dreams that make me passionate enough to take chances.

Speaking of taking chances, I am totally behind on the posting of my Chicago adventure. Here are few of snapshots of what has been my best experience of the summer. Not only was I reconnected with an old friend, but I experienced a new city that I fell in love with. And the shopping….oh the shopping….

adorable window display

she is seriously one of the prettiest people I know. and this breakfast: smoked salmon. enough said.

chorizo omelete. yes.

the water was so clean!

vosges chocolate truffels. changed my life.

pizza and beer at a restaurant that has their own micro brewery. almost performed karaoke. one day..

beautiful cousins!

Another reason I wanted to do is a posting is to talk about my new wardrobe this summer. I am in no way bragging about my expansive closet (because trust me, it is not). But, I am very excited about the many additions to my wardrobe I discovered this summer. Between the mall, Chicago, and the little vintage gems I have stumbled upon in Milwaukee, I have found that my clothes make me excited about getting dressed again! During school and work I find myself falling into the dress and boots routine, rarely spending time to enjoy the art of dressing. But, with less expenses this summer and free time on the weekends, I have found the importance of sprucing up your wardrobe and becoming inspired again. I can’t wait to tackle more challenging styling adventures in the fall, and push myself to evolve my own style.

Here are some of my favorites so far: (I say so far because I still have 4 weeks left, you never know…) Also, please forgive me on the quality of the pictures- I had to make this happen in my dorm room.

1. silk blouse, thrift store $30// 2. polka dot sleeveless button-down, forever 21 $15// 3. red dress, topshop $40// 4. polka dot skirt with buttons, goodwill $4// 5. watermelon pleated skirt, thrift store $4// 6. striped tennis skirt, forever 21 $15

7. cobalt blue silk ballerina skirt, vintage store $20// 8. Army jacket with embellished pocket, zara $80// 9. 1950’s sweetheart dress, vintage store $40// 10. bcbg tweed jacket with jersey sleeves, thrift store $18// 11. drawstring soft pants, forever 21 $25// 12. navy button down, vintage store $8

13. mesh powder blue maxi dress, vintage store $5// 14. black sheath dress with white underlay, topshop $80// 15. j.crew thin sweater & vintage scarf, goodwill & vintage store $8, $3// 16. a ring handed down to me from my great great grandma. my favorite piece of jewelry at the moment.

lets talk shoes…

1. jeffery campball peep-toe loafers, thrift store $20// 2. calvin klein snakeskin heel, thrift store $30// 3. 60’s bootie, topshop $25// 4. periwinkle cork wedges, lauren conrad at kohl’s $20

As you can see, I have made lots of purchases this summer, but at my defense, most of these pieces I found at thrift/ vintage stores. With that being said, here are some advice from a girl who isn’t afraid to venture into the murky waters of overpacked racks and dusty smells.

This will be your best friend when it comes to thrift/ vintage:

Essential: a sewing kit. At my apartment in Savannah, I have endless needles, thread, and even a sewing machine, but being stranded in a whole new state has pushed me use other resources. I purchased this from the grocery store down the street and it has been very well loved. I was able to take-out my vintage dress at the waist, adjust hook & eyes, mend holes, and even hem a pair of jeans with this little thing. It is rare to find used clothing that doesn’t need a little tender loving care. But, if you aren’t afraid to put forth a little effort, you can make that one-of-a-kind piece into something that will last longer and fit you perfectly.

It is exciting and rewarding to discover your own style and become confident about what you like. I have learned that while I may admire someone else’s style, you have stay true to what suits you best. After all, the world would be a sad, vanilla, boring place if everyone decided to dress the same.

Here are a few inspiration pictures to end this very long post.

xx, elizabeth

catch-up or ketchup

My mom totally called me out on my lack of writing on my blog lately. I realize this and sense that I starving my newborn blog from the entire purpose that I started it- to write. So, this one is for you mom. This has been my life as of recently, and the moments that have kept me busy and tired.

For starters, ever since I got back from Sanibel my whole body has decided to hit pause on my pre-fast-moving-lifestyle before my beach vacation. Call it a case of beach fever or simply senioritis, but whatever it is, I am having a hard time with this whole motivation thing. I have much more important things to think about. Like, what in the world am I going to do with my life when I become a big girl and graduate in the fall? Also, how is this whole moving-to-Milwaukee-and-working-at-Kohl’s thing going to work out? I have dreams about what dresses I should pack and wondering if I need to bring sheets. Yes, this is my state of mind.

Not to mention the fact that I am starting to feel like the kid who is considering entering the school talent show, but then realizes they don’t have a talent. No pity compliments needed, but I do feel the lurking doom of my future and the sad fate that I don’t know what I can offer. There are great photographers, film-makers, fashion designers, entrepreneurs, but I simply can sell shoes to women and make a pretty cool mood board. You can understand my worries…

That dilemma aside, I have encountered my emotional side this week and I am further convinced that it takes nearly nothing to get me crying. Today Derrick and I went to church and they had baptisms planned for the end of the service. They viewed a video with composited interviews of all the people getting baptized, everyone from older men to little girls. Their stories instantly ripped away at any layers of composure I possess, and within in minutes I was not only crying, but sobbing all over myself. I just couldn’t help but see myself in the little girl who spoke about her love for Christ (I was baptized when I was 8), and covered her face while the whole congregation stared up at the screen. I so admired each person’s vulnerability and uninhibited words of obedience towards Jesus. It made me think about a lot things. Things that I will continue to think about and turn into actions.

This also spills over into one of my new outlooks on life. I recently read a post on a blog about a woman who spent her whole birthday doing nice things for people. She bought coffee for strangers, gave gifts to friends, and acted completely selfless all day. This is something that I am striving to do, so each week I am challenging myself to do one thing that may inconvenience me, but uplifts another. I won’t go into exact details of what I am doing, but do know that it is not as easy as it sounds. Though it is oh-so-rewarding, and I must say that nothing feels better than to take time from yourself and use it to spread love to someone who really needs it.

On a totally other note, here are some random things that have happened to me in the past week:

– Went to get frozen yogurt with Derrick and Rebecca. Made my life complete as always, and then Derrick and me raced Rebecca home on our bikes (she was in a car).

Maybe she beat us. Whatever.

– Ate a Green Truck burger in 5 minutes. I think that might beat my record of 6 minutes from my previous visit. Regardless, those burgers will be in the top three things that I miss about Savannah when I leave.

– Random jobs I have considered after graduation: ranch hand, maid, blogger, therapist, waitress at a bungalow on the beach, nanny for rich people, work as many sales associate jobs as possible and accumulate the wardrobe of Blake Lively…..

-While biking lately I have seen an old couple kissing, a young couple fighting, a lonely man on a bench who was flipping through pictures on his phone to look busy, a group of French boys (seriously almost stopped to offer directions. no shame), actually stopped to talk to an Italian man about how I want to live in Italy, heard the choir singing in the church next to my house and almost cried again (female problems)

– Ate at Cafe Florie next my house (literally 4 houses away) and decided it was one of the best meals I have ever had (don’t judge me for all these comments about eating)

– Helped a girl buy tons of beautiful dresses at work- found out at check-out she was just diagnosed with a life-altering disease

– Also helped a girl find her prom dress. Her mother insisted that it was modest and covered…everything. Thank god we found a compromise.

– Have rushed to just about everywhere for the past week.

– Taken an embarrassing amount of naps.

– Finally went to the SCAD Museum- check that off my list.

– Started watching How to Steal a Million and An Affair to Remember- haven’t finished either.

– Wore my hair down for more than hour. Yes, this is an improvement.

There you go mom, a nice little ketchup on my life. Hope you enjoyed it, stay tuned for next week’s post on…..haha. Kidding.

Have a beautiful week.

Also, please pray for my beautiful grandmother who is in her 4th round of chemo. She deserves all the love in the world.


I am learning that you just have to stop. Listen. Look in the mirror and actually see yourself. Take that extra minute to search behind the layers that shield you from who you truly are. Try to think about someone else before you look into yourself. Reach out for something that makes you uncomfortable and afraid. Talk to someone even when your busy or you don’t feel like it.

These are things that I am learning, but I feel everyone must learn. Because at the core we are all human, all the same, not so different. I would rather be lonely and selfless than selfish and accepted. Words to rest upon.

Praying that this week we all stop to notice the beauty in the world and people around us. People are so fascinating and gorgeous when you see them for who they really are. Look beyond the surface and grasp the undisguised loveliness of human connections. We all have things to learn, and through each other we learn so much.